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A visit to the Bush Tramway

Hello everyone, been a while since the last post.
Recently I visited the Bush Tramway Club, a industrial tramway in the Waikato.
It is an hours drive from Auckland (depending on traffic too!) and has some amazing Locomotives.

(Sorry about image quality don’t know what happened!)

I got on the train at 2:00 it was being hauled by 2 diesels numbered “401” and “402” and passing by Locomotive CB 177.
Our carriage was numbered 1319 and was built in Petone workshops anyway lets get to the actual trip.

A view of the lovely CB

The trip is great, it is about 40 minutes (guess it would depend on whats running) but the view! Oh god it is amazing, the trees and the hills mix to make a amazing ride and the carriages add to that. The bush Tramway club has done a great job with the restoration.

The train then went backwards (they are doing a top and tail operation) and wow, the horn on 401 and 402! Lets say I think I might be deaf now.

After that we caught a ride on the CB doing a back and fowards operation.

The Bush Tramway club is a great place to see unique and amazing Locomotives, it is a long drive but it is worth it if you have been to MOTAT and Glenbrook and want another place to see railway locomotives.

Progress on the layout

Sorry for the break of posts!
I have been struggling to find topic ideas but here is one.

So I may be talking a lot about model trams, but what about my layout? Well it’s getting there.

Right now my layout is just a table, nothing special but I am planning.

The current plan is a modular layout based in a fictional area of Auckland I hope to make (almost) every module I make a area from another tramway in NZ.
I want to try and run all types of trams! Auckland Wellington Dunedin you name it I want to model it, kind of like the City depot layout which has been a major inspiration for me.

Here’s is some footage of the city depot layout that I have found as has been uploaded by “Ashley HD”

Anyway, I will try to post more and hopefully attract more friendly faces to modeling Kiwi Trams